Business & Marketing Services

  • Belly Activ
    Start up business. Brand and business development. Wrote the launch and marketing plan, developed marketing collateral, website & online store.
  • Craters of the Moon
    The Business Studio facilitated the recently launched Craters of the Moon Smartphone App Guide for the thermal walk.
  • Aspiring Health
    Coordinated all of the great marketing work Aspiring Health were doing as they grew and created a marketing plan as well as a marketing activity plan the whole team could buy into and follow.
  • Grabb for Image Excellence
    Continue to work with the Grabb team to ensure their point of difference in a competitive market. We work with them in a marketing mentor capacity to grow their business and revenue.
  • Huka Honey Hive
    Rebranding, website & online store development. Ongoing marketing management.
  • Le Pine & Co
    Currently implementing the ongoing marketing plan for Le Pine & Co. Working with Good Design and The Business Studio, Le Pine & Co has just refreshed their branding as they celebrate 60 years in Taupo.
  • Lake Taupo Forest Trust
    Supported the team in building a communications plan. A new website has been created for the trust and we continue to work with them on their communications strategy.
  • Greening Taupo
    Worked with the Project Tongariro team to bring to life Greening Taupo. Greening Taupō is an opportunity for Taupō residents and businesses to participate in a community conservation initiative.
  • Mahi Aroha
    Continue to work with the Department of Conservation and Project Tongariro on the Mahi Aroha Doing it for Conservation project.
  • Skinmatters
    Business and marketing services, website development, ongoing social media, database & enewsletter management.
  • Morton Delany
    Corporate and database communications. Writing copy that engages with the various target segments.
  • Physio 2U
    Supported the launch of Physio 2 U with brand logo creation, base marketing collateral design and printing as well as created copy and the design for the brochure.
  • Starco
    Refreshing branding & van signage development. Worked with Starco to review resources in business & recruit.
  • Tawa Hunter Ltd
    Business and marketing planning for start up business. Mentored Tawa to develop business model. Created costing models & pricing strategies. Developed sales processes.
  • The Linen Room
    Rebranding to the Linen Room. Development of new marketing collateral.
  • Ten Grand Mentality
    Mentored the TGM team in launching and building a plan around building awareness for their golf app GOLF:inside the scoring zone.
  • The Timber Trail
    Created with Kohia Ltd, the marketing plan to build awareness and traffic to the unique Timber Trail nestled in the Pureora Forest.
  • Wairakei Tourist Park
    The Business Studio is privileged to help coordinate and implement the marketing activity for the Wairakei Tourist Park on behalf of its 14 operators.