Rachel Stock

Rachel Stock was born and lived in Howick, Auckland for her first 33 years where she attended Cockle Bay Primary School, Howick Intermediate School & Howick College. At college Rachel enjoyed Business Studies which included Typing and Desktop Publishing she also enjoyed Geography. After finishing college she attended Auckland University to study Geography and after a year realised this was not for her and she decided to pursue the design avenue which she enjoyed. She then studied at Auckland Polytechnic completing a PageMaker paper. On completion of the PageMaker paper her first full time job was at Devon Design and Print, a printing company that designed mainly business forms and business stationery. Here is where she learned the foundation of design and printing. She also taught herself to use all the other design programs. Back then the industry standard was Quark Express and Corel Draw. She also processed all the computer files to output film for the plate makers to produce the plates so the printers could print the finished product.

Since then she has worked for printing companies, an ad agency and in the marketing department of Farmers Trading Company, designing all sorts of printed media, from business cards, to brochures to packaging. Her most recent role before leaving Auckland was at Foodstuffs Auckland where she worked in their marketing department designing the New World, Pak ‘n Save and Four Square brochures as well as press ads and tickets for the stores under very tight deadlines.

That was eight years ago when Rachel, her husband Marty and their new son Adam decided they needed a lifestyle change and moved from Auckland to Kinloch, Taupo when Adam was 3 months old. Rachel and Marty started a new business Central Mobile Car Repairs – your local mobile mechanic. As Rachel wanted to keep her designing skills she juggled bringing up a new baby & commenced a new business Graphic Elements designing all the branding, press ads, flyers and business cards for Central Mobile.

Soon after moving to Kinloch Rachel was lucky to find a baby group which is where she met Kim. They bonded straight away finding that they had similar interests and career paths before having their children and became great friends.

When Kim started her web design business KMMS she asked Rachel to create all her design work including website banners & elements, business cards, logo design & brochure design. As Kim’s business grew she needed extra help with her websites. As well as doing the graphic design Rachel took on another 10 hours a week to do work on the websites and what ever Kim threw at her. She loved working at Kim's house and having someone to talk about ideas and learn a new aspect of design.

Through Kim, Rachel met Sarah and started doing design work for her clients as well. When Kim and Sarah merged their businesses together to form The Business Studio in May 2013, Rachel made the decision to contract to them and became part of The Business Studio team and making the move from working at home to joining them in their offices in town. Rachel is highly skilled in her design work using the latest industry standard Adobe Design Creative Suite software including Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. This enables her to use her design skills designing logos, business stationery, brochures, facebook imagery, website banners & elements and any designs required by her customers as well as anything Kim and Sarah can dream up!

Rachel loves a challenge and works hard to look after her customers and to learn new things. If you need branding, business cards, a logo, brochures, signs, facebook graphics, website banners or anything that can be designed give Rachel a call.