Loyalty Marketing

Loyalty + Data & Insights + Relevant Marketing = Boosted Profits


A system for Personalised Service

Integrates with any POS system

  • Custom pop-up messages
  • Instant Rewards
  • Talk to your customer by name
  • Add & update information at the till
  • Bonus points option
  • Simple for your members, simple for your team
  • Coupon printing

Data & Insights

Customer Insights for Profitable Action

Measure & get to know your most valuable asset - your customer!

  • Find our how often they shop, how much they spend and when they're at risk of defection
  • Analysis and reporting means the loyalty programme is MORE than just a database
  • Reports, analysis and recommendations are taken care of and reported back on a regular basis - giving you more time to run your business
  • Advanced analysis to understand the basket size, value, product selection, pricing, margins for profitable actions and benchmark the results.

Relevant Marketing

A selection of targeted, data driven marketing tools to engage your customer and drive revenue.

Tailored marketing plans utilizing eg the following tools:

  • Email newsletters
  • Promotional emails/letters
  • Birthday emails/letters
  • VIP events & specials
  • Targeted offers
  • Lost member communications
  • Text communications
    ..... and more