Don’t wait for the people to come to you, go to the people! In case you haven’t noticed, we like telling epic tales here at Legend. Let us tell yours in an exciting way that doesn’t just capture your audience but ignites them and has them begging for more.


The vague and deep ocean that is social media is exciting but also a little daunting. Our social media experts can guide you across the uncharted waters to social media success and help you measure the results along the way. Don’t be afraid of the hashtag, embrace the hashtag!

Social Media Showcase


Whether your audience is the knights of the round table or the regular folk in the streets, we put your business in front of the right people through well-crafted public relations strategies. Using media relations, events, and sponsorships we can grow your business’s awareness and recognition. Any qualms? We can help with issues management too.

P.R. Showcase


If it’s pen vs. sword, the pen always wins. Our wordsmiths are masters in the art of storytelling and communicate your brand’s message in a memorable and succinct way. With expertise in writing across a range of media, we can create captivating copy to make your story a must-read.

Copy Writing Showcase

Marketing geniuses, award-winning designers, lion tamers, data analysts, shield wielders and web developers. We partner with businesses and use our creative brainpower to help them grow and reach their customers in relevant and engaging ways. Whatever you need, Legend has it.

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