Think Global

Think Global

Finding new customers in offshore markets can be tough going for Kiwi exporters introducing unfamiliar brands into multiple countries, and who often have relatively fewer marketing dollars at their disposal than local players.   

More than 50 million people are connected to a business right here in New Zealand on the Facebook platform. For companies like MitoQ, the New Zealand anti-ageing skincare brand sold in more than 20 countries, Facebook is becoming a bridge to consumers worldwide. Check out our other article about how to use facebook as a marketing tool better. 

Greg Macpherson, MitoQ’s CEO, is using Facebook’s tools to manage marketing campaigns in multiple countries. Potential customers have a specific profile, defined by age, interest in their health and well-being, have disposable income and are often female, and are not easily reached via traditional advertising.

More than one billion people on Facebook are already connected to at least one business in a foreign country. The platform has just announced two new solutions and learning resources to help Kiwi exporters take advantage of these connections to efficiently scale up their marketing.  

‘International Lookalikes’ helps businesses find new people that look like their best customers in other countries. This means that if you have a customer segment in one country, you can use that to quickly build a lookalike segment in another country, reaching people with similar characteristics to your highest lifetime value customers, current subscribers, high-value prospects or engaged app users.

In addition, advertisers with website conversion or mobile app install objectives can now use extended location targeting to select a worldwide region or trade zone. Ads are delivered to the selected regions and then optimized to those countries showing the greatest return.   


Posted: Tuesday 20 December 2016