Comprehensive, savvy, cost effective business, strategy, website, marketing, social media, public relations, copywriting & design services.

"marketing isn't about the stuff you make, but the stories you tell"

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At The Business Studio we become part of your team and our range of experience and expertise across all business disciplines means we achieve the very best outcomes for all our clients. The Business Studio offers comprehensive, savvy, cost effective business, strategy, marketing, public relations & design services.

We love our range of clients who represent the spectrum of New Zealand business – from sole owner operators to multi-nationals and though it’s cliched to say, everything in between. We’re people focused, listen and give everyone the time of day.  TBS directors, Kim Mananui & Sarah Matheson-Brown and their talented team have worked in the Taupo region for many years & are privileged to work with a range of successful local & national businesses.  The Business Studio can help you get savvy about your business!

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"good marketing makes the company look smart,
great marketing makes the customer feel smart"

"be in the business of being awesome"

our team

  • Sarah Matheson
    Business services, marketing services & brand development are what Sarah knows inside out. Whatever you need, she’ll help you develop and grow your business to the max. She's also super-skilled at developing workshops & facilitating.
  • Rachel Stock
    Creative graphic design is Rachel’s top-notch skill. From business cards & logos to brochures, posters & e-books, Rachel knows how to make all things look great.
  • Kim Manunui
    Website development, social media campaigns & marketing services are Kim’s specialty & passion. She’s the go to person for all things in the digital marketing world.
  • Rebecca Stock
    Business services, administration, accounts and cutting edge organisation are Rachel’s special talents. She knows the ins and outs of our business and keeps us on track, on target & on time.
  • Lianne Fraser
    Media, public relations, communication management, copywriting & editing are what Lianne does best. If you want your stories told & the world to know about your business she’s got the networks and know how to make it happen.
  • Anne Battersby
    Project management, business services, websites & business development are Anne’s areas of expertise. If you’ve got an idea she’ll listen and help take that idea to the next level.

"google before you tweet is the new think before you speak"

some of our work

"in life and in business if you want to go fast, go alone,
if you want to go far, go together"

bill gates

our community

At The Business Studio we believe in collaborating with local businesses and wherever possible we use our professional experience to help community groups and charitable organisations. We're privileged to be able to share our skills and expertise to support the following organisations.

"measure, measure, measure, what you don't measure you can't improve"

latest news

  • The Business Studio is teaming up with and Kloud for a drop in session on 27th August. Drop in and ask your biz questions...happy to help! Come and meet up with the crew from, Kloud and The Business Studio and get your business questions answered. From accounting to marketing, social media to website design, we’re here to help you grow your business with expert advice, no strings attached.
    Posted: Wednesday 19 August 2015
  • To all our friends and wonderful clients...just letting you all know that The Business Studio websites fit Google guidelines and their mobile guidelines. As well we're constantly researching opportunities to update and keep ahead of trends. If you want more information please give us a call.
    Posted: Tuesday 21 April 2015
  • Recently, The Business Studio had the joy of being involved in writing and researching an exhibition celebrating 75 years in business for local surveying and engineering firm Cheal. The show draws heavily on the story and legacy of Laurie Cheal, founder of the company, and details the journey of surveying – from hand made totara and pumice pegs, theodolites and whale bone rulers to 21st century three dimensional laser scanning, hydrographic mapping, GPS and GIS.
    Posted: Monday 20 April 2015

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"content is fire, social media is gasoline"

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